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man in mourning for leading cause of deathbin young black males

One Big Thing: The Leading Cause of Death in Young Black Males

Young black males deserve to grow old like anybody else; but are frequently denied that opportunity. The recent deaths of high-profile rap artists Takeoff and PnB Rock reflect an American
image of a black man abroad at international airport

Moving to Africa: Why This Black American Man Did It

For Will Sostand, a long-time Chicago native, the decision to move to Africa came down to a single question. “I was thinking one day, ‘Where can I live or where
a black man arrested by police

How Racial Profiling by Police Harms Your Mental and Physical Health

Add “watering flowers while black” to the list of things that could get you racially profiled, arrested and threatened with jail. That’s precisely what happened when police officers in Childersburg,
A black man in shades smoking a cigarette

Black Health, Equity and Menthol Cigarettes with Michael Scott

How menthols became the preferred cigarette of African Americans is no accident. Beginning in the 1960s, tobacco companies strategically marketed these products to Black communities. They concluded that menthol’s soothing,
collage of black music albums

15 Black Music Albums You Need to Own

Back in the 80s, it was so hard to get your hands on some good music that you had to go to a record store or order it from a
image of a man in grief counseling

Key Resources for Victims of Gun Violence

If you are an American citizen, chances are you or someone you know has been a victim of gun violence. Everytown for Gun Safety reports that 58% of American adults
american flag dripping with blood with a gun placed on it

On Being Black in a Gun-Happy Country

Editor’s note: The following piece is an opinion column. The views expressed are the writer‘s own. Almost seven years ago, a small prayer group convened at an African Methodist Episcopal
picture of cadavar with toes out

What 1 Million U.S. Covid Deaths Mean

The Covid-19 pandemic is unequivocally the largest mass casualty event in U.S. history. That fact gained more credence when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the
featured image of russell wilson and ciara

Why Russell Wilson is the Furthest Thing From ‘Square’

There is a compelling argument for why more people should be in happy marriages. Research suggests that people in one live longer, are less stressed, have more satisfying sex, and
featured image ipv and black women

It’s Not a Game: IPV is Destroying Black Women

This article is part of an ongoing series called “For Our Sisters,” where we examine critical health and wellness issues that impact Women, especially Black Women. Trigger Warning: The following
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