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Month: March 2022

featured image of alopecia

It’s No Joke: What You Should Know About Alopecia

We are not here to talk about the slap that left Chris Rock’s jaw sizzling like a fajita skillet, as this Twitter user so poetically wrote. Rather, we want to
featured image of dr lisa bowleg

Dr. Lisa Bowleg: What Black Men Can Do About HIV

The face of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, now in its fourth decade, is Black.  We account for a higher proportion of new cases compared to other races and ethnicities. Though Black
featured image ipv and black women

It’s Not a Game: IPV is Destroying Black Women

This article is part of an ongoing series called “For Our Sisters,” where we examine critical health and wellness issues that impact Women, especially Black Women. Trigger Warning: The following
featured image for healthy aging article

Doctor: ‘Healthy Aging’ Starts With These Tips

Rapidly declining health, little to no retirement savings, and premature death. That’s what the picture of Black aging in the U.S. looks like.  While Blacks experience inequities in nearly every
featured image for 4 reasons why black women get breast cancer

4 Reasons Why Breast Cancer Impacts Black Women

This article is part of an ongoing series called “For Our Sisters,” where we examine the critical health issues that impact Black Women. For all women, especially Black women, breast
featured image of curt flood

What this Athlete’s Story Could Mean for Brian Flores

This is a Black Men’s Health Column. In the modern world, ‘Davids’ rarely triumph over ‘Goliaths’.  Still, I was heartened when former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores filed a
featured image for womens history month

31 Inspiring Quotes From Black Women for Women’s History Month

Listen to Black women. It saves lives and democracies. That’s precisely why we have highlighted some memorable quotes from Black women to mark the start of Women’s History Month.   Brothers,
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