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Month: June 2022

a black couple share a warm and loving embrace

Black Men and Healthy Relationships with Dr. Cortnie Baity 

For Black men and women, finding a healthy romantic relationship can seem as elusive as catching a butterfly.   It’s well documented that African-Americans, especially women, remain the least married of
image of a man winning a race

Build Healthy Habits and Change Your Life with Sabrina Joy

It happens every year. At or around New Year’s Day, you write out huge goals you want to accomplish only to see them fall apart by April because life gets
collage of black music albums

15 Black Music Albums You Need to Own

Back in the 80s, it was so hard to get your hands on some good music that you had to go to a record store or order it from a
picture of man's hand and chest with monkeypox

How to Know If You’re at Risk for Monkeypox

Monkeypox may be a rare disease, but these days it isn’t acting like it. On June 14, the World Health Organization (WHO) held an emergency meeting to determine whether the
therapy for black male photo

8 Sites that Provide Access to Therapy for Black Males

Young Black people are increasingly becoming the face of suicide, and men are especially vulnerable. For Black males in the 1-19 and 22-44 age groups, suicide is the 3rd and
family playing baseball photo

15 Self-Care Tips for Black Men

If you had a quarter every time you heard the phrase “self-care,” you’d probably have enough for a decent down payment on a house. The term, which demands us to
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