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Month: August 2022

a black man arrested by police

How Racial Profiling by Police Harms Your Mental and Physical Health

Add “watering flowers while black” to the list of things that could get you racially profiled, arrested and threatened with jail. That’s precisely what happened when police officers in Childersburg,
image of a black man muscular man with a look of alertness

6 Important Facts About African Americans and Strokes

When legendary balladeer Luther Vandross was laid to rest in 2005, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Patti Labelle performed at his funeral in Harlem. Hundreds more gathered in the pouring
A black man in shades smoking a cigarette

Black Health, Equity and Menthol Cigarettes with Michael Scott

How menthols became the preferred cigarette of African Americans is no accident. Beginning in the 1960s, tobacco companies strategically marketed these products to Black communities. They concluded that menthol’s soothing,
a black man and woman couple arguing over bills

5 Facts that Shed Light on the Black-White Wealth Gap

When it comes to the difference in wealth between Black and White households in America, the gap is substantial and persistent. A recent paper circulated by the National Bureau of
a family of four enjoying a jog

The 3 Significant Benefits of Running Daily

There’s a good chance you know someone who absolutely detests running. That may even be you.  The reasons why are convincing. Running makes you ‘dog tired’ and your legs hurt
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