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Month: February 2022

kanye west bipolar disorder featured image

It’s Bigger than Kanye: 5 Bipolar Disorder Facts You Should Know

Like reports of gun violence and the weather forecast, Kanye West is always in the news.  If it’s not for the release of his Netflix documentary, “jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy,”
benefits of marriage featured image

5 Reasons Why Marriage is So Worth It For Men

For many men, bachelorhood is cast as this Shangri-La. Want to spend your weekends day-drinking and gorging on cheeseburgers before getting wasted at the club? There’s no one to stop
featured image of dr otis kirksey

Dr. Otis Kirksey on How Diabetes Impacts Black People

If type 2 diabetes is a public health crisis, then it’s virtually an epidemic in the Black community. African Americans are 60% more likely than Whites to be diagnosed with
featured image for national black hiv aids awareness day


This article was written by Sarah Goddard and Eric Winkfield of M Booth Health on February 4, 2022. Black Men’s Health and Lisa Bowleg, PhD, MA, and Professor of Applied Social Psychology
featured image of randal pinkett

Randal Pinkett on ‘The Apprentice’ and Success

Randal Pinkett is a renaissance man. He played one on TV as the Season 4 star of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice.”  In Pinkett, audiences were treated to something rarely seen
featured image of sleeping couple

How These Sleep Problems are Claiming Black Lives

What do the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion, Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and the Exxon Valdez oil spill all have in common? Sleep deprivation. People who held important roles in each scenario
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