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Build Healthy Habits and Change Your Life with Sabrina Joy

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It happens every year. At or around New Year’s Day, you write out huge goals you want to accomplish only to see them fall apart by April because life gets in the way.

If this is your struggle, you’re not alone. Oftentimes, falling short of a goal isn’t due to a lack of motivation. It’s more about our habits and whether we’re taking those small steps daily toward implementing our goals.  

“Much like a garden, getting your habit game where it needs to be, requires constant tending,” said noted Habit Coach and Motivational Speaker Sabrina Joy.

“You’ve got to pull weeds out. You’ve got to get the distractions. You’ve got to look at your strategies and see how your environment is set up,” she added.

“Is it conducive for the habits and routines you know will be helpful for you?”

photo of sabrina joy
Sabrina Joy, Habit Coach and Motivational Speaker.

For Men’s Health Month, we talked with Sabrina Joy about strategies you can use to start building healthy habits and the importance of self-assessment. She also shared why in order to do life well, we must master our “average Tuesdays.”

Whether you want to get in better shape, write that book or start that side hustle, tap into Sabrina’s virtual discussion below to get some jewels for your journey.

“Anything you want to do in life can be accomplished, so long as you have the right habits in place,” she said.

How Sabrina Joy Became Interested in Self-Improvement and Healthy Habits

2:48 – For our ice breaker, Sabrina Joy, a college track athlete, dishes on her best event.

4:54 – Sabrina on why this quote by William James, “All our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits,” is important.

6:08 – How Oprah Winfrey influenced her interest in self-improvement growing up.

7:52 – The great speakers who made her want to hone her oratorical skills.

9:33 – The cool story behind how she ended up enrolling at Florida A & M University and the letter she wrote that got the attention of former FAMU President Dr. Frederick S Humphries.

11:50 – How working for American Airlines after graduation shaped her.  

13:10 – Her observations on how healthy habits and routines influenced the companies she worked for.

15:27 – How she got started helping people develop good habits.

15:42 – Sabrina on how the book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg helped her start her business.  

16:24 – The reason she named her business “Tending Habits.”

How Healthy Habits Can Help You Win

18:21 – Her thoughts on why habits surpass motivation and inspiration in helping people achieve their goals.

19:13 – Looking at your values and how they factor into building healthy habits.

21:04 – How she got started in the field of self-improvement.

24:05 – Sabrina on leaning into your gifts and going for it.

Beginning and Sustaining Your Habit Journey

26:12 – She speaks on why you need to do a self-assessment before getting started on a habit journey.

28:15 – Sabrina recommends these self-assessment tools you can use.

30:52 – The power of those small things you can do to remove friction from adapting good habits.

33:09 – Sabrina on strategies you can use to overcome self-sabotage and bad habits.

38:30 – Her tips for overcoming a past narrative or life story that’s holding you back.

41:42 – Sabrina shares a simple success story you can learn from.

44:13 – What are “average Tuesdays” and why doing those days well means you’ll do life well.

46:32 – Things you can do to start building healthier habits to achieve goals.

Sabrina Joy is a Habit Coach and 20+ year marketing professional. She is the founder of Tending Habits, a consultancy dedicated to helping organizations and individuals build better habits. You can also follow her on Instagram. Sabrina also wrote a column series on Building Better Habits for Black Men’s Health in April 2022. Check out parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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