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Yoga and You

Black Men's Health - Yoga and You

Dominique Mann and David Wilson
Tuesday, August 4, 2020 • 12:00 PM EDT

Host Jon D. Brown speaks with Dominique Mann and David Wilson about all things yoga and the associated mental, physical, and spiritual health benefits. This interview is the August 4th edition of the Black Men’s Health Summer Lunch Series.

Dominique Mann
WellBeing Wellness

A Maryland native, Dominique began her relationship with yoga in 2009 after signing up for a yoga class for college credit. Once she instilled the importance of breath in her practice, she fell in love. Dominique has been sharing her enthusiastic love and appreciation for yoga with others ever since and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Blue Lotus Yoga Studio. Dominique loves learning different asana practices from Yin yoga to Vinyasa flow to Bikram to SUP yoga. Through her teachings, she hopes to create guidance and a space for people to decompress and connect with their internal selves.

David T. Wilson
Deputy Director, Human Resources
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

David has been practicing Hot Vinyasa Yoga since 2006 and was certified to teach in 2010 after completing 200 hrs of training. He describes his approach to the practice and instruction as soulful and inspirational. An ardent believer that yoga is transformative in all aspects of life, he advocates that the practice is for everyone and instructs all levels and all types of people. A dedicated student and community builder at heart, David mentors incoming yoga teachers, hosts yoga charity events for the needy and travels the world to explore different cultures and cultivate his craft in what he calls a “spiritual art and science”.

More than his training and dedication to yoga, David loves engaging with and helping people. One of his favorite quotes is “Everything you need is already inside of you,” and he endeavors to make that quote a reality through his practice and instruction.

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